Fast According to Quran And Sunnah

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Fast According to Quran And Sunnah

In Islamic terminology, the word Saum (Fast) means abstaining from food, drinks, and sexual activity from dawn to sunset. The exercise has to be done with the intention of doing purely for Almighty Allah. Muslims observe fast in the holy month of Ramadan; the 9th month in the Hijri Calendar. “Fast According to Quran & Sunnah” by ProfZulfiqar Ahmad guides Muslims about how to spend this month and get the most out of Ramadan. If you are looking for a book that provides primary guidance about Fasting, its terms and conditions, things which invalidate a Fast and voluntary fasting; it is a must read for you.

Salient Features:

• Complete Ramadan Guide
• Etiquettes, terms and conditions of Fast, Aitekaf, and LaylatulQadr
• Dos and Don’ts for Males and Females
• References to original sources
• Easy to understand language
• Decent design and outlook
Darussalam Publishers has published this book with strict adherence to its policy of providing authentic Islamic books from original sources.


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